The Outcastkid

The Outcastkid gives Logic a run for his money in this song.

Do you know what I like about The Outcastkid? He has a very refreshing rap style. In a good chunk of the songs I’ve heard by him, his rap mechanics are on point and his confidence is on 1000. Recently, The Outcastkid released “Logic WANTED,” a track (Which I’m assuming is a freestyle) in which he takes on a killer Logic beat.

“Logic WANTED” boasts the same beat that powers Logic’s recent “Wake Up” single. Personally, what I like about the beat is that it has this compelling, superhero-like feel. The good news is this: The Outcastkid definitely sounds like the Marvel version of an MC over it. Not only does he hit us with crafty punchlines, but he also floats like a butterfly flow-wise and stings like a bee lyrically. All in all, the 23-year-old definitely one-ups Logic here.

A Logic and The Outcastkid collab would be crazy!

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