James Hersey Doesn't Need A "Fake Love"

Fake Love

James Hersey

An indie pop track that will leave you in a daze.

James Hersey is an Austrian-American singer and songwriter. Hersey had humble beginnings, starting off with playing in punk rock bands and singing in his high school choir. Eventually, his musical prowess increased to something he recognized as a career path. Hersey soon found a place in pop music by releasing his debut EP in 2010. Over the course of his career, he’s created several hits, including the singles “How Hard I Try” and “Miss You.” Hersey’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. James Hersey’s recent release is the bubbly single “Fake Love.” The song also has an official music video.

“Fake Love” has an ethereal sound that oozes summer vibes. With these delightful, pop-filled instrumentals, you’ll surely get lost in the perfect daydream. Love is in the air, or so it seems for Hersey. Stuck in a pretty illusion, he’s fallen for the perfect girl; too bad those feelings aren’t real. He’s embracing a love that’s only imaginary. Everything’s crumbling in front of him, but that won’t stop him from getting the real thing. Lyrics like “If I never see you again / I’m scared that I’ll miss your / Skin from the waist up” tells us just how badly Hersey craves for this love to be true. It’s the heartfelt track that turns your darkened mood into a brighter one. So, stream James Hersey’s “Fake Love” to hear a song that goes all out on love.

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