An alternative hip-hop track about love and relationships.

Rella is a musical creative from New Zealand who prefers to discuss the ins and outs of your everyday relationship in his music. His distinctive sound is described as “both melodic and emotional, with an emphasis on rap and bedroom pop vocals over melancholic guitars and heavy drums.” Some of the artist’s previous work includes tracks like “When I Dream I See Her Ghost,” “Follow Me,” and “Memories.” These tunes, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. According to a recent interview with the rapper, his new tune was inspired by a “variety of experiences from a range of different people.” Rella’s latest drop is the alternative hip-hop single “rockstar.” The song also has an official music video.

Starting out with some soft guitar licks, “rockstar” soon gets as intense as its namesake promises. It combines elements of emo rap, alternative hip-hop, and soft rock. Lyrics like “She showin love and saying I’m a rockstar / I’m pourin up, she ask where the rocks are” and “We sippin mud, sippin on that wockhardt / I fell in love, she tell me I’ll go far” reflect on an old flame and explore getting through tough times. At the same time, we’re left with a feeling that things didn’t get as far as they should have. An atmospheric and introspective personal reflection, “rockstar” promises to make us rockstars with our own emotions.

Press play below to experience the life of a “rockstar.”

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