Carson’s vocals shine in this acoustic version of “Drive Alone.”

I’m blown away by how talented Carson Ferris is. In my humble opinion, the youthful Provo, Utah musician has a voice that can move mountains and a pen that can write magic. Though Carson’s catalog is small but growing, he has a few songs that have exceeded 200k streams on Spotify alone. His latest single, “Drive Alone,” is well on its where there.

In “Drive Alone,” Carson Ferris finds clever ways to speak on the importance of following a life journey that brings you solace. What listeners will love about the song is how pure it sounds. Not only will you find yourself drowning in Carson’s touching and infectious melodies, but you will also enjoy how every guitar lick that you hear does everything in its power to pull at your heartstrings. All in all, “Drive Alone” will treat your mind to one smooth cruise.

Give “Drive Alone” by Carson Ferris a shot below.

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