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Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates has his woman on his menu.

It actually broke my heart when I found out that Kevin Gates and Dreka separated. Not only am I someone who roots for black love to succeed, but it also feels weird as s**t hearing Kevin talk in an unfiltered way to all of these random women in video interviews. Today, the Louisiana rapper decided to release the music video to his new single, “Breakfast.” In it, surprisingly, Gates and Dreka are all over one another.


In “Breakfast,” Kevin Gates talks about snacking on his woman like she is some buttermilk pancakes from IHOP. If you are a fan of Gates’ old s**t, you will like how he switches between a passionate crooner and a rugged rapper throughout the song. If you are a dude that is giving poor effort in the bedroom, you might want to hide this track from your girl.

I’m actually surprised that Kevin Gates doesn’t have 1200 kids.

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