Two Sides


Both of Masego’s sides can sing better than I can.

Masego is prepping to go on tour this Spring. For those of you that plan on seeing him on one of his stops, the good news is this: He just dropped a brand new track called “Two Sides” that he might perform moving forward.


Below is how Masego described his new single:

“I love games. Do I ever. “Two Sides” make the next person that is involved with me aware of, I guess, the demons that I’m trying to fight,” said the Jamaican singer. “Geminis have a bad rep. And I was letting her know that I have the potential to move in this manner because of my past and hurt.”

“Two Sides,” which is Masego’s first release of 2023, boasts production that feels enchanting and a vocal performance that sounds sensual, intoxicating, and sly. As for lyrically, you get words out of the “Tadow” hitmaker that are slicker than a backroad after a snow day. I think fans of his will fully soak this release up.

Give Masego’s “Two Sides” a shot below.

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