Naia Lika deserves her flowers for making “Gas Station Bouquet.”

Funky R&B music is getting plenty of burn from me as of late. In this harsh world that we are currently living in, there’s nothing like listening to an infectious track that is capable of making every single inch of your body feel good. With that being said, up-and-coming pop, soul, and R&B singer, Naia Lika, has just released one of my favorite R&B-funk tunes of the year thus far: “Gas Station Bouquet.”

In “Gas Station Bouquet,” Naia Lika sings about deserving the kind of tender loving care that is genuine. The first thing you’ll love about the song is how therapeutic, delicate, and invigorating the production sounds. The second thing you’ll love is how elegant, spirited, and spicy Naia’s vocal performance is. The last thing you’ll love is how straightforward her lyrics are (If you are Naia’s partner, you have to respect the fact that she’s a woman that knows what she wants). All in all, if a “Gas Station Bouquet” is of this quality, I’m prepared to buy several.

Naia Lika is officially on my radar.

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