Stone Cold Freaky Girl

Just Rich Gates & Crunchy Black (Ft. Gucci Mane)

Gucci Mane knows a thing or two about freaky girls…

Just Rich Gates is the hardest-working rapper in music today (I’m being serious, too). Since I first started listening to him a few years ago, I’ve heard him on several mixtapes. Matter of fact, Gates damn there drops a new project every other month. Personally, what I enjoy about his music is that it gives me the authentic southern trap vibes that I practically grew up on. While Just Rich Gates’ latest offering isn’t a new mixtape, it is a vintage-sounding banger with southern legends Crunchy Black from Three Six Mafia and Gucci Mane.

“Stone Cold Freaky Girl” boasts a classic, hard-hitting trap beat that I am sure was made in the toughest bando in America. Over it, Just Rich Gates, Crunchy Black, and Gucci Mane rap about messing with bricks, balling on haters, breaking the hearts of women, and rocking luxurious fits. What I love about the track is that you get three very unique styles of rapping on it. While Just Rich Gates provides us with a sly verse that has him sounding like trapping comes easy to him, Gucci Mane hits us with a braggadocios verse that has him sounding like a smooth criminal and Crunchy Black hits us with a rowdy verse that has him sounding like the ultimate hypeman. Overall, if you are a fan of unadulterated trap hits, you’re going to want to give this gem a shot.


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