I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant


A pop single that accurately details the end of a relationship.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Skofee, is a rising alternative pop artist. This Wichita, Kansas native grew up in a house filled with bluegrass and folk music. Skofee finds inspiration in artists “who push the boundaries of pop and indie music.” Through her ear-pleasing creations, the artist’s goal is to provide listeners with a space for personal reflection. As a result, she creates so-called “safe spaces” with her music. Since her 2020 debut EP, her work has received plenty of praise from notable outlets; these include Ones To Watch, EARMILK, and LA Weekly. Her discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and her own website. Skofee’s latest drop is the alt-pop single, “I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant.”

While its style is loud and almost club-like, it can also be described as just soft enough to help you forget your worries. “I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant” offers up a stunning atmospheric backdrop to oppose its reflection on a dying romance. The song sounds incredible, but it’s meant to be rough. Lyrics like “Wasn’t very romantic / Didn’t water the plant that you planned as the perfect gift” and “Wishing there’s something that I could point to / We got a great thing, but this isn’t about you” bluntly detail the end of a relationship. Clearly, things have gone sour and beyond the point of fixing. At the same time, there’s a joy to it; like we’re finally free of something terrible. So, press play below to experience a bittersweet breakup with “I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant.”

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