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Latto (Ft. LU KALA)

Latto has always been destined to make crossover hits like this.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I think Latto is a superstar. Though she has a pretty raw rap style, I’ve noticed that her latest singles have had strong elements of pop in them. With that being said, Latto’s latest single, “LU KALA,” is the poppiest pop track in her catalog.

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I don’t give a damn what y’all think, these are the kind of records that I f**k with heavy! “LU KALA” boasts this uptempo pop beat that top 40 radio stations tend to love. Fortunately, Latto doesn’t try to be the next Dua Lipa over it (LU KALA does, though); she comes across as her usual self. Not only does she hit us with her signature bold deliveries, but she also drops lyrics that reiterate how much of a winning ticket 21 Sav.. I mean her boyfriend has. While trappers won’t love this track, I think it’s a certified top 40 hit.

I’m predicting that Latto’s next record is going to be called “Sports Gambling.”