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Pitbull x AYYBO x ero808

A dance tune that will have you grooving all night long.

AYYBO is an up-and-coming artist and self-proclaimed “party music hustler” who crafts “heavy-hitting House beats” that are truly mind-blowing. The Orange County native’s unique style fuses “dark, addicting grooves with a splash of funk.” Similarly, ero808 is Boston-bred Boulder-based singer, songwriter, and producer who made a name for himself in the EDM scene. However, they are not the biggest names on this track today. Recently, Grammy-winning superstar, Pitbull, teamed up with both AYYBO and ero808 for his version of a hit dance single. The popular artist has a discography available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Pitbull and co’s newest song is the reformed “RIGHT OR WRONG (HYPNOSIS).” The hit is also accompanied by an official video.

With an uplifting blend of Latin House-infused beats, “RIGHT OR WRONG (HYPNOSIS)” is the hit to send the party through the roof. Because it’s so intense and well-done, it sends everyone into a frenzy. Lyrics like “She’s a beast, she’s a freak, she’s an animal, She sweet, she eats, she’s a cannibal” and “She’s fire fire flame, she’ll make you scream her name, She’s wild, crazy insane, this girl got game” are well-delivered in Pitbull’s signature style. However, the other artists are not to be forgotten with their own incredible contributions of vocal and style intensity. With its fusion of bouncing bass and drum, Pitbull, AYYBO, and ero808 gift us an addictive Latin dance tune. So, press play and crank up the heat with Pitbull and his co-workers to see if they’re “RIGHT OR WRONG (HYPNOSIS).”

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