Jake Knox Says “Jake Is Dead (Head Underwater)”

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Jake Is Dead (Head Underwater)

Jake Knox

A rock tune with an impactful, personal exploration.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Jake Knox, is an artist and producer. In his music career, Knox has collaborated with Bipolar Sunshine and, ironically, The Knocks. Some of his previous creations include tracks like “Changes,” “Sold All of Me,” and “Pressure.” As you may guess, the songs are all reflections of mental health struggles or experiences he has gone through. He’s subsequently turned them into songs for other people to enjoy. According to the artist, his new tune was written “at one of the lowest parts of my life.” Knox added, “The song is about where we go when dealing with lower than low thoughts that might lead to bad decisions.” His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Jake Knox’s latest release is the rock single “Jake Is Dead (Head Underwater).” The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

It’s classified as rock, although the beginning doesn’t sound like it. Once we hit the chorus, though, it becomes an undeniably strong rock hit that hits all the right notes to create a headbanging vibe. “Jake Is Dead” quickly cranks things up to one hundred with a charged-up soundscape. Lyrics like “I died / Came back to life / Felt a little better deep inside /Took a little damage to my pride” and “I cried / Wanting to fly / Looking for a reason to survive” reflect on the inner struggles that can weigh you down when depression hits you hard. At the same time, the message allows us to aggressively release all that pent-up pain we have inside. So, press play below and let the impactful words remind you that, just because “Jake Is Dead (Head Underwater),” it doesn’t mean we’re alone in our struggles.

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