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My Lil Sh*t

Syko Bob (Ft. Kodak Black)

Syko Bob and Kodak Black are a deadlier combo than raw chicken and expired bread.

Kodak Black’s right-hand man has been Syko Bob for a while now. While I view Bob more as a shooter than a rapper, he does drop music pretty consistently. Recently, the “Switched Sides” rapper released a brand new single with Kodak called “My Lil Sh*t.”

In “My Lil Sh*t,” Syko Bob and Kodak Black show the world what being possessive looks like. While the former comes across as a goon who is down to slide for the ones he loves, the latter sounds like a hotheaded playboy that craves a loyal chick. The main reason I f**k with the track is because of its catchy and gritty hook, its feverish pace, and its somewhat simpish lyrics (I f**k with it when rappers sound simpish).

Give “My Lil Sh*t” by Syko Bob and Kodak Black a shot below.

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