Low End Therapy

Keri Sreb (Ft. Tyler Loyal)

An alternative R&B tune about love and longing.

American musical creative, Keri Sreb, is an alternative R&B artist who makes a lasting impression with her music. The northern New Jersey native received a music industry degree from the University of Southern California. Sadly, after the pandemic struck, her original career plans fizzled. This left Sreb to rethink her initial goals. After experiencing struggles in 2020, she decided to channel her emotions into songwriting. As a result, she’s been releasing new work ever since. Some of Sreb’s previously released songs include “YOUR MESS” and “I’m Getting Ugly.” Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Keri Sreb’s latest drop is the R&B single “Low End Therapy” featuring genre-bending artist and songwriter Tyler Loyal.

“Low End Therapy” is easy on the ears and easier on the heartbroken mind. It’s a gentle song that tackles a problematic situation. Lyrics like “You said your boyfriend been a dud / Well, I can be your man / I got a whole lotta love” and “Distance got me feelin’ fonder / Love is something I can conquer / Need mouth to mouth, first responder” are delivered with contrasting vocals. At the same time, it’s all-encompassing to the longing we feel after breaking up. This is a hard-hitting R&B fusion piece that contains all the emotions that come with a lost love. So, press play below to give yourself some “Low End Therapy.”

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