Keri Sreb Won’t Clean Up “YOUR MESS”

Keri Sreb Doesn't Like "YOUR MESS"

Your Mess

Keri Sreb

Keri Sreb tears her messy ex to shreds.

Keri Sreb is a rising artist who flows through her songs with an earthy, angsty style. Through her work, Sreb turns her life into soulful tunes that captivate fans. In 2021, she dropped her first single, “I’m Getting Ugly.” Since then, she has released popular hits such as “My Phone”, “evil”, and “NAOMI.” Sreb’s whole discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Recently, Keri Sreb released her latest single, “YOUR MESS.” The song also has an accompanying video. 

“YOUR MESS” puts fans back in a place of heartbreak where your ex plays nothing but games. He loves you at first and then uses you until he finds someone new. Sreb hits home with her emotional lyrics. She sings with such vulnerability that makes anyone phase back into their heartbreak. The chilling, soft r&b production backs up the powerful message. There are also guitar strings and a pounding bass that gets anyone in the mood to cry their heart out. If you want to get into your feels to a laid-back song, this is for you! So, stream Keri Sreb’s “YOUR MESS” below.

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