White Lines

Pusha T

I love how Pusha T is the poster boy for cocaine these days.

Here’s my bold prediction for 2023: Cocaine Bear will end up being one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. The film’s premise is so outrageous, I believe it’s our duty as Americans to find out why someone would make something like this. Today, America’s favorite pusher, Pusha-T, decided to release “White Lines” from Cocaine Bear’s soundtrack.

Yes, “White Lines (Cocaine Bear Remix)” is as addictive as cocaine. I like the song’s feverish beat and the hazy hook that you get from whoever the hell that is. But the star of the show here is Pusha-T, and he doesn’t disappoint at all. In his verses, he embraces being high and teaches us how to make money off Miley Cyrus. Even though the song has a very peculiar sound overall, Pusha never deviates from his signature unbothered rap style. Yes, you’re going to find yourself hella addicted to “White Lines.”

Pusha’s going to f**k around and end up on Locked Abroad one day (Just watch).

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