on the street

j-hope (Ft. J. Cole)

J. Cole is getting that K-Pop money (I’m so very jealous)!

I have a confession: I don’t know much about K-Pop. One thing that I do know is that BTS is killing s**t. Today, one of the members of the group, j-hope, decided to drop a new single with J. Cole called “on the street.” This might be the fourth K-pop track I’ve heard in my lifetime.

“on the street” is hip-hop gold. For starters, the track boasts this pure hip-hop beat that I guarantee you will violently nod your head to. Over it, j-hope and J. Cole both hit us with hard-hitting verses that highlight the importance of believing in GOD, your skills within, and the people around you. While you’re going to appreciate how tenacious and relentless the former sounds, it’s the latter’s astonishing wordplay and lofty punchlines that steals the show. All in all, I think “on the street” is as good as a rap song is going to get.

Give “on the street” a shot below.

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