Da Danny

J West

You heard Snoop Dogg, J West doesn’t miss!

St. Louis native, J West, is a hip-hop artist that has been hitting us with bangers for years now. One of the things that I like about West is how versatile he is. While he has made tough street tracks like “Keep Going,” he has also made unadulterated club bangers like “BOunCE.” One of J West’s recent releases is the catchy club banger “Da Danny.”

This song is powered by this exhilarating club beat that is designed to make you get off your feet. Over it, J West hits us with a catchy hook that has him teaching us how to do a dance called “Da Danny.” He also hits us with a mean-ass verse that has him bigging up his homies and women who are down for the cause. Though this song is pretty short, I think J West does enough in it to establish his dominance.

Give “Da Danny” by J West a shot below.

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