Falling For You


Adeeldareal’s newest single might be the hardest love song I’ve heard in a while.

Portland, Oregon’s very own, Adeeldareal, is young but ready. After making his debut in 2022 with the single “Medication,” he has been on fire. Not only has he garnered thousands of streams from tracks like “Destined 4 The  Win,” “Off the Trap, and more, but he has also done a good job of showcasing his versatility to the world. You can catch Adeeldareal’s full discography on Spotify.

In “Falling For You,” Adeeldareal mainly talks about f**king with a chick that meets all of his needs. He also talks about his rough come-up, his knack for getting to the money, and his quick temper. What I absolutely love about the song, which features a beat with a nice tempo and these hypnotizing synths, is how Adeeldareal floats throughout it, effortlessly hitting us with these highly infectious melodic raps that are The Weeknd and NAV-Esque. Overall, I feel like the song has a way of getting stuck in your head very easily.

Give the very impressive “Falling For You” a shot below.

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