Dylan Tauber successfully creates his own universe, captivating people’s hearts and minds with “I Am Alive.”



5. Whales

I never thought about whales this much until hearing this track… Now, I can’t stop thinking about them.

A song about the beauties of the ocean, “Whales” is filled with drive and stimulation. A gentle and laidback tone is taken, but it still has its moving moments. The enchanting lyrics about aquatic life make it feel like you’re also down in the deep waters swimming with the “Whales.” Cooling yet stirring vocals add to the imaginary world Tauber has created. Maybe this song will inspire others to take up marine biology.



4. Love and You Will Live

Sorry, I can’t talk right now, I’m currently crying in the club.

“Love and You Will Live” is one of those songs that has highs and lows. The highs: The upbeat and moving sounds that call you to the dance floor. The lows: The emotionally driven theme of love and its intricacies. Taking it back with a 90s/00s sound, it reminds me of so many electronic and EDM songs from artists/groups like Cascada, Aqua, and Calvin Harris. Who knew a mix of techno and dance-pop would pull at your heartstrings? But with Tauber’s vocals filled with yearning, it’s hard not to get caught up in the emotion-filled track.



3. Dreaming

These maladaptive daydreams are getting a little too real.

One of the more experimental tracks, “Dreaming” is, I’d say, the main character, or at least an important side character to the main character. Filled with elements of trap, electropop, and dark wave, it has a really bouncy and wavy feel. The distorted and spooky vocals add to the overarching theme of illusions and fantasies. I could definitely see a rapper stumbling across this track and adding their own fire bars on top. 



2. Spirit Guides (Remix)

Kids really do see ghosts.

This remix to “Spirit Guides” takes on more of a dance-heavy approach. I’m not a huge fan of remixes but I feel like this one does the original justice. With a faster tempo, it scratches that one part of your brain that has a need for everything to be snappy. Another banger to play at the club or when you need divine intervention.



1. Rebirth

Why can I feel my third eye opening up?

“Rebirth” feels like, well, a rebirth. It’s a song that helps you to heal. If you need something playing in the background while you trip on ‘shrooms for the first time, this is it. One of the many instrumental-laden tracks on the album, it has quite the grandiose sound. Personally, I’m glad there are no vocals; it allows you to fully hear and focus on the moving production. As the saying goes, “nature is healing.”


1. Love and You Will Live (4/5)

2. Spirit Guides (3/5)

3. I Am Alive (3/5)

4. Reflection (3.5/5)

5. Dreaming (4/5)

6. Whales (3.5/5)

7. She’s a Dancer (3/5)

8. Rebirth (5/5)

9. Warmth (3/5)

10. Carmen (3/5)

11. I love you forever (2.5/5) 

12. Spirit Guides (Remix) (4/5)




I Am Alive is a very cohesive album. Each track is a building block for the album’s structure and concept. It’s like a multi-layered dream that you haven’t yet realized isn’t real. I’d say it’s the perfect album to rest, do yoga, climb a mountain, or rehabilitate to. There is a really satisfying feeling you gain once you’ve made it to the end because you got to listen to a story from start to finish. Dazzling synths and an electronic-heavy presence make this an album with depth when it comes to sounds and themes. A few tracks will forever leave your brain chemistry altered in the best way.

With close to 3 decades worth of experience in music production, Dylan Tauber brought forth all his skills on this album. It’s not easy producing music, let alone consistently producing music that’s actually good, and Tauber has done just that. He’s in his own dimension, which makes him all the more unique. Exploring concepts like spirituality, life on Earth, and love are just a just few things that have cemented him as a standout artist. 

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