Jade LeMac Feels Like A “Car Accident”

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Jade LeMac Feels Like She Was In A "Car Accident"

Car Accident

Jade LeMac

An intense pop track.

Jade LeMac is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She made her music debut at the age of 13 as a featured artist on Dion Timmer’s “The Right Type.” LeMac later went on to become a popular content creator on TikTok. Through the popular app, she showcases her music while also normalizing conversations on sexuality. LeMac’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Her new and highly anticipated release is the EP Constellations. Jade LeMac’s latest single, “Car Accident,” comes from this EP. The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

In “Car Accident,” LeMac does some storytelling. She describes a tumultuous relationship by providing both perspectives: The cheater and the cheated on. However, even with the mistakes that have transpired in the relationship, they both still reminisce on their happy moments together. It’s a strange dynamic that brings them to reminisce. While taking their own car rides, they experience a rush of emotions dealing with their now-broken relationship. Lyrics like “Driving fast in the empty lane/  Speeding up so I can numb the pain” and “I’m screaming loud through the open night/ It’s pitch black out but I’m seeing white” describe the intense and brash feelings felt by those experiencing a love that’s cannibalized itself. LeMac leaves a long-lasting impact on your heart and mind with this track. So, press play below to hear a relationship memory that might lead to a “Car Accident.”

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