Creepin (Remix)

Metro Boomin (Ft. The Weeknd, 21 Savage & Diddy)

Diddy doesn’t need a girl anymore; he has a couple these days.

Y’all like “Creepin” just a little too much. Do y’all realize that the song is about ignoring the idea of your woman cheating on you because you scurred? Anywho, for you jits that don’t know where the song originated from, let me help you out: Its father is Mario Winans and Diddy’s classic “I Don’t Wanna Know” hit from 2004. Today, a remix to “Creepin,” that features a Diddy verse, hit streaming services.

In “Creepin (Remix),” Diddy adds a somewhat lifeless verse and some classic adlibs to the pot; everything else practically stays the same. S**t, in the song, the New York mogul sounds more into himself than the woman who is stepping out on him.

I would be absolutely heartbroken if I found out that my woman has a backup quarterback.

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