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Flu Game

Lil Mosey

Can Lil Mosey go back to reaching his potential?

Unlike Murdaugh, Lil Mosey was able to beat his case. As you may know by now, the Seattle rapper was charged with rape a few years ago; that might explain why he disappeared from the music scene for a while. Well, Mosey is free now and ready to resume his promising career. This weekend, he dropped a new single called “Flu Game.”


“Flu Game” refers to Michael Jordan’s defiant performance in game 5 of the ’97 NBA finals. Lil Mosey was -5 years old at the time. What you should take away from the track is that Mosey is still flossing his chains, smashing a bunch of women, and making major boss moves. Though I can do without his struggle verses (It just sounds a little too mumbly), I think the hook he blesses us with is unbelievably good.

I’m rooting for Lil Mosey.