Thomas Day

An emotional pop tune that explores the heartbreak that comes with betrayal.

Nashville-based artist, Thomas Day, is a pop singer and songwriter. Day first discovered his passion for music at nine years old after he got involved with musical theatre. Though the artist used his high school years to pursue football, he never let go of his musical dreams. After Day gained notoriety on TikTok for his attention-grabbing covers, he signed with Arista Records in 2021 and has since produced popular singles like “not my job anymore,” The New Me,” and “Wildflower.” His latest drop is the pop single “VICIOUS.”

With an energetic backdrop of uplifting beats, “VICIOUS” offers up the perfect catchy tone to complement the track’s emotional exploration of heartbreak. Lyrics like “I wish we could go back to the way it was / But I’ve got my own eyes / I’ve seen enough” and “If you’re giving up on us / If you got somebody else / Don’t tell me that you love me” intimately reflect on the pain of being betrayed by the person you love the most. With its powerful vocals and passion-filled moments, Thomas Day perfectly channels the complex emotions that come with heartache. So, press play and experience relatable relationship woes with “VICIOUS.”

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