After taking a four-year hiatus, 6LACK is back with “Since I Have A Lover.”




5. preach

You get 6LACK’s best rap performance on this album in “preach.”

When 6LACK wants to rap, he is more than capable of kicking ass and taking names; he proves that in “preach.” In the track, which is powered by this slightly upbeat/slightly somber beat, 6LACK drops hard-hitting bars that highlight his hunger for winning and his competitive nature. Though you still get a numb tone out of the Atlanta rapper, he does spit with a level of cockiness that cannot be ignored.



4. Talkback

6LACK says that he talks to GOD on the phone in this song… Can he ask him to tell Putin to chill?

In “Talkback,” 6LACK sings/raps about having conversations with GOD on the phone, having big business plans, and ruthlessly s**ting on his competition. The song’s beat straddles the line between mellow and hard-hitting masterfully. Additionally, 6LACK’s verses straddle the line between infectious and gritty. If I were to guess, GOD approves this masterpiece.

3. Inwood Hill Park

“Inwood Hill Park” might be my favorite track on this album.

In “Inwood Hill Park,” 6LACK talks about embracing the highs and lows, the ups and downs, and the sleepless nights with someone that he loves. The track boasts this serene, almost therapeutic boom-bap beat that pairs very nicely with 6LACK’s slick vocals and introspective lyrics. I really f**k with this s**t.



2. Fatal Attraction

You get a classic 6LACK performance in “Fatal Attraction.”

In “Fatal Attraction,” 6LACK talks about a girl that is as dangerous as the Tide Pod challenge, but also as lovely as the fame that comes with conquering the challenge. Throughout the song, which is powered by smooth production courtesy of Don Dias, Dylan Wiggins, Fwdsixsh, and Khris Reddick, the 30-year-old hits us with cold-ass bars, sounding like a dude that didn’t notice cupid was standing right next to him in the grocery line. It’s pretty stunning to listen to.



1. Rent Free

I think “Rent Free” is the most complete track on this album (And there are a lot of complete-sounding tracks on this album).

Rent Free” is what I would call a gentle banger. In the song, 6LACK sings about a girl that he can’t stop thinking about, despite both the good and bad times they’ve been through. In my humble opinion, you get the best chorus, the best melodies, and the most vulnerable lyrics here.


1. cold feet (N/A)

2. Inwood Hill Park (4.5/5)

3. Since I Have A Lover (4/5)

4. playin house (4/5)

5. Fatal Attraction (4.5/5)

6. Spirited Away (4/5)

7. chasing feeling (3.5/5)

8. preach (4.5/5)

9. Tit 4 Tat (4/5)

10. Talkback (4.5/5)

11. wunna dem (with QUIN) (4/5)

12. B4L (4/5)

13. Decatuer (4/5)

14. Talk (4/5)

15. Temporary (Ft. Don Toliver) (4/5)

16. Rent Free (5/5)

17. Stories In Motion (4/5)

18. Testify (4.5/5)

19. NRH (4/5)




In a world with over one billion rappers, no one sounds like 6LACK. Based on his performances in Since I Have A Lover, I had to ask myself if he was a rapper or singer, a depressed or cocky man, and a playa or lover. He truly f**ks with your mind.

First and foremost, I have to get this out of the way: There isn’t a single bad song on this album. Throughout Since I Have A Lover, 6LACK practically stays in this droopy but confident pocket, doing his best to explain the kind of love he prefers, the kind of love that keeps him up at night, and what motivates him. What I find hella impressive is how he’s able to surf through genres never sounding like anyone but himself. I also find it impressive how he’s able to tap into his emotions deeply, guaranteeing listeners that they are getting his truest thoughts in every verse that he delivers. While this acquired-taste masterpiece took a little too long to come out, I understand that it truly takes time to create music this deep.

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