Want You To Want Me

Freddie Bailey

A pop gem that explores the desire for a lost love.

Australian musical creative, Freddie Bailey, is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is young but has found the keys to our hearts. The 18-year-old artist placed in the Top 24 on The Voice 2022, where he captivated both viewers and Keith Urban. Bailey even performed the country star’s hit song “Wild Hearts” on stage with the iconic singer. In his career, the young artist works as a guitar teacher and session musician. Additionally, he plays rhythm and lead guitar for bands at big music venues in New South Wales, Australia. Some of Bailey’s recent performances include playing at the Liam Gallagher concert for VIP guests at the ICC and performing the opening song for the Rebel NSW Champions of Sports awards. His discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Freddie Bailey’s latest drop is the pop single “Want You To Want Me.”

With a dreamy backdrop of airy instrumentals, there’s no denying how sweet and soft Bailey can be. “Want You To Want Me” provides an enchanting soundscape that loves to think back on happier times. Lyrics like “When you’re laying in your bed, do you ever think of me? All the times we had. All the memories” and “When you cross the street at night, do you ever wish that I / Could be there to hold your hand?” emotionally reminisces on the lasting impact of someone special. There’s something truly charming about the way Bailey chooses to love every part of what there was rather than hate some of it. So, press play to experience a relatable tale of love and desire with “Want You To Want Me.”

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