Hate It Or Love It

Rob49 & DaBaby

The underdogs are on top again.

Rob49 and DaBaby are cut from the same cloth. I feel like they are both animated rappers that hold nothing back when they hop on mics. In “Hate It Or Love It,” Rob and DaBaby sound like evil twins.



“Hate It Or Love It” features this piano-driven trap beat that caters to DaBaby’s style more than Rob49’s. The good news is this: The two rappers absolutely shine in the track. In it, they go back and forth about kicking ass, wanting to smash Rubi Rose, being street-certified, and breaking hearts. While Rob49 sounds a little more animated than DaBaby does (DaBaby sounds like he’s on cruise control), their content is equally demonic.

This “Hate It or Love It” sounds nothing like the other one.

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