SV Refuses To "Touch Ground"

Touch Ground

SV & Alyssa Jane

A hip-hop song that stays in the moment.

St. Louis-based musical producer, SV, has worked with several different artists from his hometown. As a result, he’s had access to many different sounds and genres. The producer uses elements of jazz, hip-hop, and R&B to craft mellow, yet rhythmic hip-hop beats. His previous releases include hits like “Without You,” “Chill N’ Vibe,” and “How Did It Feel.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify. Recently, SV dropped his chill and soulful single, “Touch Ground.” The song features Alyssa Jane. 

“Touch Ground” is all about taking it slow. This calm R&B/hip-hop track goes in-depth about coping with the pain of having nothing left. People who have lost everything are expected to move on, but instead of rushing us, this song tells fans to take things one day at a time. SV’s creative backtrack helps us fall into our own minds for reflecting time. At the same time, Jane’s vocals capture the numbness and vulnerability that perfectly envelopes the loneliness that comes with misery. With its intoxicating, eerie, and soulful beat, listeners will be stuck in a trance. So, press play below to learn how to “Touch Ground” while getting lost in your own world.

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