Big Boss Vette

Big Boss Vette is one of the hardest rappers in the game today.

Big Boss Vette is yet another booming rapper out of St. Louis, Missouri. Since releasing “Pretty Girls Walk” in 2022, s**t has been going up higher than a Chinese balloon for Vette. It’s very clear that she has both next and now. This past weekend, Big Boss Vette released another flaming hot single: “Problem.”

“Problem” is powered by one of those hard-hitting beats that folks can definitely get stomped out to. Over it, Big Boss Vette welcomes smoke non-stop, reminding the world that she doesn’t do internet beefs or too much talking. Throughout the track, Vette uses her outside voice, switches her flow often, and gives it to her rivals straight with no chaser lyrically.

Give the very tough “Problem” a shot below.

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