Chlöe has officially arrived. In “In Pieces,” her debut solo album, she absolutely shines!




5. In Pieces

Chlöe is entering Dos Equis status: She’s becoming the greatest woman in the world. Who the f**k knew that she was capable of playing the damn piano?! In “In Pieces,” she sounds like a brown-skin Alicia Keys.

Throughout “In Pieces,” Chlöe uses gorgeous, touching, and passionate vocals to explain why there’s only one person in the world that can fix her when she doesn’t have it all together. The percussionless track features four minutes of pure passion and vulnerability; so much so that I am ready to give her Dr. Phil’s phone number.



4. Body Do

I really believe that the music you hear in “Body Do,” which sounds like some Ciara s**t, could end up being Chlöe’s best bag.

I don’t think I’ve heard anything like “Body Do” in ten years. In the song, which is powered by this hectic dance beat that would probably make a young Chris Brown hyperventilate, Chlöe uses sultry vocals and hypnotizing melodies to explain why she deserves better from her shaky partner. At the same time, she knows this same person is the only one that can get her to melt like some Ice cream in Arizona. All in all, the vibes are explosive and the lyrics are juicy in “Body Do.”







3. Pray It Away

I thought the only things Church and Chlöe had in common were ‘c’ and ‘h.’ I was wrong because in “Pray It Away,” the Atlanta native “takes it to church!”

You get perhaps one of Chlöe’s most impressive vocal performances in this song. In “Pray It Away,” she relies on passion and power to let the world know that she loves hard, which often leads her to go crazy from time to time. Everything from the instrumentation to Chloé’s angelic vocals will have you screaming “amen!”



2. Cheatback (Ft. Future)

If you replaced Future and Chlöe with Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen in this song, I wouldn’t notice.

In “Cheatback,” Chlöe and Future go back and forth on some petty, toxic, and unproductive relationship s**t. Here’s the kicker, though: The song is powered by this alternative country beat that seems catered to the Carrie Underwoods of the world as opposed to these two black folks. Also, Future (aka King Toxic) actually sounds a little mushy in his verse (He’s the one that actually comes with reason). Everything is f**king backward here!



1. How Does It Feel (Ft. Chris Brown)

Chlöe took some serious heat from her fans for teaming up with Chris Brown. Folks must be very bored.

“How Does It Feel” is powered by a slightly altered version of Usher’s “Throwback” beat from his Confessions album. Over it, Chlöe and Chris Brown pair emotional vocals with lyrical content that shows us what it looks like when the chemistry in a romantic relationship is fractured. Though I doubt that Chlöe and Chris are currently in an entanglement, the passion they display throughout this song is so strong, I have to believe that they have at least traded flirty messages on IG.

I love that Chlöe and Chris Brown never cheat their fans. Every time I hear them on a song, they put up powerful performances.


1. Someone’s Calling (N/A)

2. Pray It Away (4.5/5)

3. Body Do (4.5/5)

4. I Don’t Mind (4.5/5)

5. Worried (4/5)

6. Fallin For You (N/A)

7. How Does It Feel (5/5)

8. Feel Me Cry (4/5)

9. Make It Look Easy (4/5)

10. Looze U (4/5)

11. Told Ya (3.5/5)

12. Cheatback (Ft. Future) (4/5)

13. Heart On My Sleeve (N/A)

14. In Pieces (4/5)




I am very impressed with this album. In it, Chloë proves she has a voice that can move mountains, that she has ‘it,’ and that she can effectively morph her past pain into music that sounds empowering. Oh, BTW, she does all this while only having three features.

We call a lot of artists versatile; that’s cool and all, but how good do you sound on all the different kinds of genres you tackle? In my opinion, Chloë is so good at many different styles that I can’t quite pinpoint what her best is. Throughout In Pieces, she shines dabbling in church music, upbeat R&B music, and even country music. What’s interesting is that, based on her thirst traps on IG, I thought her album would sound a bit gimmicky; nope, she sounds like a natural and comfortable in her own skin.

I’ve heard more love songs than Ne-Yo. I’ve also heard more heartbreak songs than Mariah. With that being said, there’s something that just feels different with how Chloë tackles the two juicy topics. She’s nonchalant, healthily vengeful, but still passionate enough to make you feel something. This album is Lemonade-Esque. While she isn’t quite there yet, I truly believe Beyoncé is Chloë‘s ceiling.

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    1. Larry June is coming soon! Luh Tyler… Not sure about that one lol. I will at least listen to it. Man, getting through these reviews are tough! lol

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