Tyler, The Creator adds eight new songs to his fantastic “CALL ME IF YOU GE ” album.




3. WHARF TALK (Ft. A$AP Rocky)

If you overplayed Pharrell’s “In My Mind” album, you would understand why “WHARF TALK” is pure greatness.

So, in CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, Tyler, The Creator raps like the rent is due. In “WHARF TALK,” he sings like the birds are coming over for lunch. As expected, the beat he does his work over is The Neptunes-Esque (I’m going to say that a lot in this review) his melodies are extremely infectious, and his lyrics are unbelievably charming. What A$AP Rocky adds to the equation is a cool-ass verse that has him sounding like a mix between Mr. Deeds and Mason Betha. All in all, if you grew up on The Neptunes, you will love this song.

Anytime Tyler, The Creator sounds like Andre Wilson from Philly’s Most Wanted’s “Please Don’t Mind” hit from back in the day, you know he’s in his bag.




“DOGTOOTH” might be one of my favorite Tyler, The Creator songs of all time.

There’s no other way to slice it: “DOGTOOTH” is hotter than Stacy’s Mom. What I appreciate is that it features everything we would want from a Tyler, The Creator rap song: A classic The Neptunes-like beat, DJ Drama adlibs, relentless flows, and lyrical content that is supposed to hurt feelings. All in all, “DOGTOOTH” is a masterpiece.

Not many people talk s**t better than Tyler, The Creator.




Someone on the NFR podcast said that “SORRY NOT SORRY” is one of Tyler, The Creator’s best songs… I fully agree.

In “SORRY NOT SORRY,” Tyler, The Creator apologizes (I’m still trying to figure out if he’s being sarcastic) to the ladies (And men) that he led on, his mother, his ancestors, and his critics. Throughout the song, which features this soothing, soulful, and old-school-sounding beat, Tyler switches between sounding limp, untamed, and evil. I would say he comes across as bipolar, but I think that word only applies to someone with TWO personalities…

I just feel like this is one of Tyler’s deepest, most introspective, and bestly constructed songs.



2. STUNTMAN (Ft. Vince Staples) (3/5)

3. WHAT A DAY (4.5/5)

4. WHARF TALK (Ft. A$AP Rocky) (4.5/5)

5. DOGTOOTH (5/5)

6. HEAVEN TO ME (4/5)

7. BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND (2020 Demo) (Ft. YG) (3.5/5)





I don’t know if anyone is moving the hip-hop needle like Tyler, The Creator is. In the full CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST album (Including the deluxe version), not only does he hit us with music that is hella unique, but he also raps harder than most of his peers. At this very moment, Tyler, The Creator is creating masterpieces.

My biggest takeaway from CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale is how fun-loving, free, and vintage it sounds. After Tyler gives us his thank yous in “EVERYTHING MUST GO,” he dabbles in everything from stereotypical Fast & Furious music to raw hip-hop records to early 2000s R&B bangers to freestyles to open-book performances. If you didn’t know after listening to his previous work, you should definitely know by now: Tyler, The Creator’s love for music is absolutely beautiful to witness.

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