Devin Farney is a familiar soothing voice in “King’s Station.”



5. Get Distracted

Yes, you should put your phone down.

I’ll be honest, I was distracted while listening to “Get Distracted,” but it was mainly by Farney’s almost haunting voice. With an eerie but luminous sound, he reminds us of how preoccupied we’ve all become. He also reminds us of how limited time is and the currency it holds in our society. These so-called ‘distractions’ have caused us to miss important moments, which might make you wish that you could go back in time. Farney gives us an abrupt ending that will leave a bitter taste in your mouth by its end.



4. Stop

No, don’t stop, keep going!

“Stop” is really interesting. In the song, multiple plots take place, which might leave you confused but intrigued. You really can’t “Stop” listening when Farney mentions things like Teslas, calling the cops, and getting high. Playing with different sounds, you can hear elements of baroque pop, psychedelia, and steampunk. It’s a fun listen and one you won’t forget.



3. Making It Up

I, too, make everything up as I go along.

“Making It Up” has a lovely, jolly tune. Like many of us, Farney is winging life. However, his unpreparedness doesn’t show up in his music. He crafts a contemporary folk-pop piece that’s full of charm. If you ever needed reassurance that no one really knows exactly what they’re doing, this song does that.



2. Raining All This Love

You’re gonna need an umbrella for all this love.

“Raining All This Love” feels like a sweet daydream. Farney’s acoustic guitar does all the heavy lifting. Its lack of production only heightens the emotions that are expressed.  Love is very present in the air; so much so that Farney can feel this love pouring down on his skin. His voice is soothing and his words are poetic, which leads to him evoking strong sentiments that have been buried underneath.



1. Anywhere, Anything

If you needed a sign to quit your day job and live in the mountains, this is it.

“Anywhere, Anything” has a light, airy, and magical feel to it. Farney gladly whisks you away to places you’ve never been with his balladry. The song tells a story of travel, exploration, and unspoken feelings. Its simplistic yet moving sound is a backdrop to all the imagery that plays through your head as you listen. Farney softly reminds you of simpler times before iPhones were invented.


1. Anywhere, Anything (5/5)

2. Nevermind (4/5)

3. Old Soul (4/5)

4. Stop (4/5)

5. King for the Day (3.5/5)

6. Making It Up (4/5)

7. Raining All This Love (5/5)

8. Get Distracted (4/5)

9. King’s Station (3/5)

10. Comet Coming (4/5)




“King’s Station” is a smooth and moving album. In it, Devin Farney introduces us to interesting mixes of folk, indie, and lo-fi. Instead of taking the heavy overproduction route, he uses the right amount to get his points across. There are amusing lyrics and storytelling at play that will keep your interest, as well as Farney’s rich inspiring voice. This album will feel familiar to you; like songs you’ve heard in the past, offering up a feeling of being at ‘home.’ If you’re interested in music with depth and beautiful sounds, this will for sure be a good listen for you.

Devin Farney is no novice when it comes to the making of music. He holds two degrees in music composition and a long portfolio of music that’s been featured in TV shows and films. With his experience, he knows what it takes to make a song that captivates. I can’t wait for what else he has in store for us with his production and composing.

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