No Stress

DJ Holiday (Ft. Wiz Khalifa & O.T. Genasis)

Oh s**t, O.T. Genasis and Wiz Khalifa are in their bags in this song!

If you grew up listening to mixtapes, you’ve probably heard of DJ Holiday. Throughout the years, he has linked up with everyone from Nicki Minaj to Chief Keef to 2 Chainz to Quavo. Today, DJ Holiday decided to return to the music scene with “No Stress,” a banger that features Wiz Khalifa and O.T. Genasis.



“No Stress” is powered by this wicked trap beat that I can see a bad guy listening to while he waits for his green poison to boil. Over the beat, O.T. Genasis and Wiz Khalifa rely on robotic styles of rapping to let the world know that their big checks, private jets, fine women, and deadly guns have allowed them to live with no stress. While I won’t say that this is the greatest track in the world, I do think that it has a pretty solid hook (That s**t kind of reminds me of the “Cut It” hook).

Give “No Stress” a shot below.

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