The Game

Rick Ross (Ft. Fat Joe & The LOX)

Damn, DraftKings just released the hardest track of the year.

April is a great month for sports. Not only did we get to experience both the Final Four and The Masters earlier this month, but were also about to get both the NBA and NHL playoffs soon here. To get us hyped up for what’s about to come, DraftKings decided to drop a sports-related single called “The Game.” The song features Rick Ross, Fat Joe, and The LOX.



“The Game” feels so f**king riveting. In the song, which is powered by this dramatic beat that has these violin notes that will make it seem like someone just died, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, and The LOX (Styles P and Jadakiss) rap about their wins and overcoming adversity. What I love about the track is that everyone in it raps with great urgency and gives us inspirational quotes. It’s almost like they are each ready to play in a game 7 right now.

Everyone featured in this track has had beef with 50 Cent…

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