Dancing In The Courthouse

Dominic Fike

How can you not think that Dominic Fike is an unbelievable artist?

Dominic Fike’s story is a very unique one. Since birth, I feel like he’s been an underdog with hella talent and a baby face. What’s interesting about Dominic is that his stock has risen even though he hasn’t dropped a bunch of new music in the past couple of years (He can probably thank Euphoria and People Magazine for that). This Friday, the Florida singer did decide to return to the music scene with a brand new single called “Dancing In The Courthouse.”



“Dancing In The Courthouse” perfectly illustrates why Dominic Fike’s music is special. The song boasts everything from touching guitar licks to rebellious lyrics to invigorating vocals to a hard-hitting beat that will make you nod your head violently. Dominic also does an unbelievable job of switching between sounding like a passionate singer and an unruly rapper. All in all, “Dancing In The Courthouse” is a full-on musical experience.

If Dominic Fike actually cared about his image, I think he could have a career that is just as popular as Ed Sheeran’s.

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