Dawson Bailey Is A Bit "informal"


Dawson Bailey

An emotional hip-hop track that goes beyond love.

Hailing from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Dawson Bailey is a musician that is creating something out of nothing. Bailey is a hip-hop artist, but often experiments with different genres in his music, like electronic, dancehall, pop, and R&B. His first ever release was in 2015 ( “Dreamers”). 2022 saw the release of his debut album, If Not You, Then Who? With all of his genre-surfing, it’s hard to get a read on what Bailey is best at; however, we can confidently say that he’s good at most things. Dawson’s music is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. His latest release is the single “informal.”

Dawson Bailey takes elements of country and hip-hop to create a surprisingly good mix. Just like its title, the song itself is informal and low-key enough to earn its place in your vibes playlist. Content-wise, “informal” tells the story of a relationship that’s undefined. There’s a lot of back and forth, along with miscommunication. Still, Bailey holds this other half close to his heart. Lyrics like “You said we still informal, it’s sad I’m still there for you” reveal just how committed Bailey is to this “no labels” relationship. Who knew your strongest connection would be with the person that won’t commit? Maybe the same can’t be said for all of us, but it can work for some. So, press play below to hear a track that shows just how deep an “informal” love without labels can go.

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