Dawson Bailey Won't "stick around" All His Life

stick around

Dawson Bailey

A rap track that tells you to exit your struggle love.

Coming straight to you from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Dawson Bailey is an innovative singer and rapper. As an artist who loves to experiment, you can find various genres in his songs, like electronic, rap, pop, and dancehall. Bailey has been in a rapid-fire mindset of releasing music, giving us creative single after creative single. Most of them have him drawing lines in the sand to live his best life. These songs include tracks like “enough (benz truck van),” “informal,” and “overtime.” All of his music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. For anyone that’s been missing him, Dawson Bailey is now back with his latest single, “stick around.” 

This track pulls you in with its saucy trap beat, but you’ll be sure to “stick around” for more than that. It begins with a depressing message that you’ll soon realize can’t be made better. Singing over fun, bouncy production, Bailey is focused and motivated on riding his own wave. Of course, that energy gets transferred over to us just as quickly. After finally seeing the light, he says no to playing any love games. Taking time away from his love woes, he’s created this stellar song for others to follow his lead. Bailey supplies us with wavy vibes and infectious melodies that can’t be beat, so why wouldn’t you want to listen? So, say no to situationships like Dawson Bailey did and say yes to putting yourself first by streaming “stick around.”