Who’s That

Wes Denzel

A hip-hop track that pays homage to Texas.

Texas-based musical creative, Wes Denzel, is a rapper and songwriter who likes to pay homage to the people and places that inspire him. Back in 2019, Denzel dropped his Every Summer EP. In 2020, he followed up with the album I Was Almost Happy. One of his most popular releases is the creative hip-hop track “Zodiac Killer.” Wes’ discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Recently, he dropped a ten-track hip-hop album titled Last Night in Houston. One of the tracks from the project is “Who’s That.”

Melodic and moving, “Who’s That” offers a stylish soundscape to perfectly set the tone for a reflection on where the artist comes from. Lyrics like “3 hours on i10 / Off to Houston I go / Just came back from MCA / all the way in Chicago” and “Texas on my mind / Doing this one here for girls with feathers on they spine / Angels on they back / Think I should relax” take us on an instantly immersive trip through the Lone Star State. This tribute to Texas is nearly perfect for a light night of dreaming as you drive down the highway. So, press play on “Who’s That” to hear Wes Denzel’s heartfelt homage to his home state.

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