JRoberts & Benny The Butcher Trade Verses In “Praying With Dirty Hands”

JRoberts and Benny The Butcher are the perfect 1-2 combo in “Praying With Dirty Hands.”


Praying With Dirty Hands

JRoberts & Benny The Butcher

“Praying With Dirty Hands” is a tough-ass song title.

JRoberts is yet another rapper from Toronto, Canada that can rap circles around anyone in the world. What will catch your attention about his style is that it’s gritty as hell, which would probably prompt people to assume he’s from New York. Appropiately, Roberts’ newest release, “Praying With Dirty Hands,” features someone that is actually from New York: Benny The Butcher.

In “Praying With Dirty Hands,” a track that boasts this cold and lonely hip-hop beat, JRoberts hits us with a grungy rap verse that has him using astute flows to let the world know how hard he works, how ready he is for war, and how far he has come. As for Benny The Butcher, he shines, too. He puts up a tough-ass verse that has him embracing wickedness, overseas touring, and Paris Hilton. Overall, Roberts and Butcher are a duo that is deadlier than colored bread.

Give “Praying With Dirty Hands” a shot below.

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