Million Dollar Mindset

Casey808 (Ft. Rick Ross)

Making one million dollars a month is a lot of money.

Casey808 and Rick Ross are similar in this way: They both make motivational hip-hop music that the hustlers of the world can be inspired by. For instance, one of Casey’s biggest singles is “Diddy Dre Hov,” a track in which he raps about moving like the three successful hip-hop moguls. As for Rick Ross, we all know what his “Hustlin” single did for the hard workers of the world. In “Million Dollar Mindset,” Casey808 and Ross trade expensive verses.

“Million Dollar Mindset” definitely has an old-school feel. Not only does the beat give off  The Runners vibes (Remember that production team from the late 2000s?), but I also feel like Rick Ross blesses us with a verse that sounds straight out of his Port Of Miami days. Here’s the kicker, though: Casey808 and Ross give us everlasting advice in this song. Their lyrics about getting to the money by all means necessary will resonate with all ages. All in all, you get a million dollars worth of game in “Million Dollar Mindset.”

Check out “Million Dollar Mindset” by Casey808 and Rick Ross below.

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