Chan's Night Out Is All About "S23"


Chan’s Night Out

A creepy song to play in the dead of night.

Born in Busan, Korea but raised in Florida, Chan’s Night Out is a singer, songwriter, and rapper. Since 2018, he’s been releasing music and building an online following. Chan represents the brand “For The Night Out,” with his songs and artistry all falling under it. Most of his music deals with some form of escapism, like traveling from one place to the next. Other songs look for things inward that are trying to escape. This just adds to his complexity as an artist. If you’re looking for songs to play in the night or early morning, Chan delivers just that. His impressive discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Chan’s Night Out’s latest release, “S23,” perfectly represents his brand and ethos.

“S23” has a dark but fervent vibe. There’s a calm quality to it that’s still able to unleash the raw emotions that Chan has as he sifts through all his thoughts. You can feel the rising intensity in the track as it progresses. This is coupled with Chan’s vocals, which effortlessly go from spoken word to delicate and emotive singing. There’s no way to escape this enthralling hit. It’s a song that gets your attention with its charming aura and pulsing beats. If you’re taking a late-night drive, or trying to get your thoughts together, this is the go-to track to play. So, stream Chan’s Night Out’s “S23” for a song that’ll fill all the silence in your car and head.

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