Go Hard

Lil Baby

We’re about to get the old baby again, y’all (BTW, there are a lot of babies in this world that got old-ass faces)!

Lil Baby’s run at the top is something that impressed the hell out of me. During his prime, I felt like he could literally do no wrong. With that being said, Baby has been pretty quiet this year. Today, the Atlanta native returned to the music scene with a brand new single called “Go Hard.” While I am not exactly sure if the track is off a forthcoming album, what I can tell you is that Lil Baby delivers a strong message in it.



Usually, when artists say that they are back, they are trying to convince you that they are back. The only people to pull off a successful “I’m Back” song were the Backstreet Boys. Anywho, in “Go Hard,” Lil Baby says that we’re about to start seeing the old him again. The first reason I believe him is that the song’s beat sounds like about seventeen others that I’ve heard him rap over. Secondly, Baby relies on struggle melodies and relentless flows throughout; just like he did on almost every single track he has released since 2019. Lastly, Baby’s lyrics about being a carefree street dude will remind you that he’s actually been about that life for a while now. Is this song bad? Not at all. Does it sound like something we’ve heard before? Absolutely (I think that’s the point, though).

Give “Go Hard” by Lil Baby a shot below.

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