Runaway (U & I)


A dance tune overflowing with good vibes.

Dutch musical creative, MELON, is a masked DJ and producer. His main focus is to provide “fun and feel-good party music” that “also empowers and motivates people.” MELON also hopes to use his music to create “a movement that inspires, empowers, and propels the next generation of artists.” Back in February, the artist released his debut album, This is MELON Vol. 1, which included more than 50 dance-ready tracks. This album is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. For one of his recent singles, “Runaway (U & I),” MELON collaborated with Dance Fruits Music, “an international artists collective for dance music enthusiasts.”

“Runaway (U & I)” fits right into the category of nostalgic and new. This song quickly builds into a bouncy blend of electrifying, dance-ready beats that have just a little bit of nightcore style. Lyrics like “I wanna run away / Anywhere out this place / I wanna run away / Just you and I” and “Think I can fly, think I can fly when I’m with you / My arms are wide, catching fire as the wind blows” offer up a lighthearted romantic reflection. At the same time, it’s so unbearably sweet and danceable that we’re left feeling loved. So, press play below and prepare to dance the night away with “Runaway (U & I).”


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