Thani and Desren Talk "Last Night"

Last Night


A bewitching song that immerses you in its atmosphere.

Hailing from California, Thannie Graff, better known by her stage name Thani, is a new artist to the San Diego music scene. Before releasing her own music, she’d perform live covers of songs in her home city. Thani made her debut in 2022 with the single “Goodbye, Peace.” Based in San Diego, California, Desren is an alternative producer that creates trap, hip-hop, and electronic beats. They’ve been releasing music since 2017, with a large discography to back it. Together, Desren and Thani have teamed up for “Last Night.” The song is available on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Desren brings a hypnotic, electronic sound while Thani provides sweet and alluring vocals. Overall, the vibes are magical. Content-wise, if you’re looking for a sign your partner may be unfaithful, this song is for you. Thani realizes there’s been betrayal in her own relationship, which causes her to rehash the red flags that were there all along. Still, there’s something that’s pulling her back to this romance, making her unsure if she should end it. Thani is icy and fiery throughout the track, showing how conflicted her emotions are. Whether you make the decision to end it or not, “Last Night” is the song that will make you feel good with either choice. So, stream Thani’s “Last Night” to hear a song that will validate your own intuitions.

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