Strike A Pose II

Thee B.P.

Thee B.P. has one with “Strike A Pose II.”

Thee B.P. is an artist that you definitely need to pay attention to. What I like about him is that he usually hits us with highly infectious melodies, compelling production, and lyrical content that feels authentic as hell. After seeing some success with his 16-track effort, B.O.M.B. part one, Thee B.P. has returned to the music scene with a lively new single called “Strike A Pose II.”

There is plenty to like about “Strike A Pose II.” For starters, the track boasts this booming beat that combines these gentle jazz elements with your typical trap vibes. I think the beat can be played at both dinner parties and chill-ass lounges that sell Hookah and cologne. As for Thee B.P., he absolutely shines in the song. His melodic raps, which highlight his appreciation for weed, Chuck E. Cheese-like tokens, and his cooler-than-a-cucumber mentality, are infectious and catchy as hell. I guarantee, after listening to this track only one time, it will get stuck in your head.

Give the very smooth and enjoyable “Strike A Pose II” a shot below.

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