Hart Knows It's "Unhealthy Love"

Unhealthy Love


A song that will help you let go of a toxic relationship.

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Hart is, at heart, ironically, a lovesick artist. With his music, he shares the emotions we’re afraid to explore, along with deep feelings of love. He’s only a rookie but has already garnered comparisons to artists like Chris Brown, Miguel, and Giveon. Hart made his debut in 2023 of this year with the single “They Say.” This song, and more, are available on Spotify. Hart is now back with his second single, “Unhealthy Love.”

“Unhealthy Love” is a slow-burning song that uncovers some hard truths. In it, Hart reflects on past relationships that were missing clear boundaries. He opens up about the mistreatment and dysfunction he’s faced while spreading awareness for others. The message is clear: Don’t take any sh*t from someone who you care for. Sometimes, we don’t see just how bad a partner has been to us because we’re blind to it because of love. It takes outside forces to make us look within our relationship, and this song is our first force. Listening to the lyrics, you learn what a healthy love is supposed to look like. I think it’s safe to say toxic relationships are no longer in. So, stream Hart’s new single to learn what “Unhealthy Love” is versus a real love.

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