Chloe Montana

If you’ve been through some tough trials and tribulations, “Bittersweet” will definitely strike a chord with you.

Do you know what I love? When musicians pour their heart and soul into the music that they make. Yes, an artist like Chloe Montana can rap with the best of them, but I think it’s how she wears her heart on her sleeve most times that she hops on the mic that catches my attention. For example, in 2022, Chloe released a nine-track EP called The Crown. In it, you get hard-hitting rap deliveries mixed with everything from competitive to inspirational lyrics. Recently, Chloe dropped perhaps her most vulnerable hit to date: “Bittersweet.”

If you don’t feel everything about “Bittersweet” in your soul, you might have to ask GOD for a refund. In the song, which boasts this emotional piano-driven trap beat, Chloe Montana passionately and assertively raps about the important individuals that she has lost throughout the years and how she has been able to miraculously find success despite all of the pain that she has had to endure. If somehow the content Chloe blesses us with doesn’t move you, I do believe her highly infectious hook, confident demeanor, and consistent flows will.

Give Chloe Montana’s “Bittersweet” a shot below.

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