Phillip Phillips Begs "Love Come Back To Me"

Love Come Back To Me

Phillip Phillips

A song that gives you every reason to believe in love.

Georgia native, Phillip Phillips, is a multi-platinum-selling and chart-topping singer, songwriter, and guitarist. With humble beginnings, competing and going on to win American Idol, he’s eventually paved his own way in the music industry, solidifying himself as a successful pop folk-rock artist. Phillips has accumulated over 1 billion streams across all streaming platforms and has sold over 7.8 million digital singles. Some of his most popular hits include “Gone, Gone, Gone” and “Home.” Phillips is set to release his fourth album and is going on tour in support of the album sometime this summer. As a world-renowned artist, his music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Phillip Phillips’s latest release is the single “Love Come Back To Me.”

Here, Phillips humbly asks for a love once lost to return to him. Taking on a gentle tone, the song brings a serene feeling to your body and mind as you listen. Phillips’s vocals are breathtaking as he sings of how precious and beautiful the phenomenon of love is. Lyrics like “I remember when everything was in its right place / I remember the moment it all slipped away” describes so deeply the feelings of regret once you’ve lost something so important to you. He lays bare the emptiness he’s felt while being apart from this love. When love takes hold, it’s a feeling you never want to let go of. So, stream Phillip Phillip’s new single to learn how best to plead “Love Come Back To Me.”

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