Deante’ Hitchcock returns with his first album in three years.




5. Like That

Whenever you get fast-paced rapping mixed with a smooth R&B/hip-hop beat and romantic lyrics, I’ma fan. S**t, Ludacris has been using this formula since his birth.

Deante’ Hitchcock lets us know that he’s one of those dudes that doesn’t want his woman to hold anything back when they link up. Throughout the song, he promises to protect her, love on her, and give her his pole from morning to night. If you are all about empowering and uplifting your woman, you’ll fully connect with this smooth/hard-hitting banger.



4. Late Night (Ft. Dende)

A lot of babies are going to be made to “Late Night” in the late night.

“Late Night” might be the bedroomest track on this project. It features a hella smooth R&B beat, a soothing and hypnotizing hook by Dende, and raps by Deante’ that straddle the line between sly and crafty. As for lyrically, the two musicians do a good job of setting the scene for a satisfying romantic exploration. All in all, “Late Night” belongs on every single slow jam playlist on the planet.

3. Thinking ‘Bout You

Folks should only think about food this much.

In “Thinking ‘Bout You,” Deante’ Hitchcock talks about being the perfect partner for his chick. While he partially sounds like a good dude, he also sounds a little on the crazy side. Some of Deante’s lyrics are dedicated to the things he wants to do to his chick, and some of his lyrics come across as a little on the obsessive side. Whatever the case may be, I f**k with the way Deante’ mixes subdued/tongue-twisting flows with an intoxicating old-school R&B beat here.



2. Callin’ (Ft. Big K.R.I.T. & WESTSIDE BOOGIE)

How can so many underdog rappers be on one song?

My favorite beat on this album is featured in “Callin’.” This song’s production has a debonair feel and a nice tempo. As for Deante’ Hitchcock, Big K.R.I.T., and WESTSIDE BOOGIE, they all shine in their respective verses. I love how Deante plows through the song sounding extra honest about the small details in his relationship, I love how WESTSIDE BOOGIE plows through the song sounding thankful for everything his chick has done for him, and I like how Big K.R.I.T. plows through the song sounding like an ultimate playa. Everyone’s unique styles, which feature incredible flows and crafty deliveries, combine for an exciting listen.



1. Alone

Deante’s diva from the Westside has allowed him to create perhaps his best song to date.

Deante’ Hitchcock’s vocals are pleasant, infectious as hell, and veteran R&B singer-esque in “Alone.” As for his words, they are as dismissive as it gets. Throughout his verses, he practically lets his woman know that he can do bad all by himself; even though it seems like he wants things to work out with her. This is the kind of truthful anthem that we all need in our lives.


1. Time Of Their Lives (N/A)

2. Woah! (3.5/5)

3. Zodiac (Ft. Shamba) (3.5/5)

4. Like That (4/5)

5. Helluva Woman (N/A)

6. Thinking ‘Bout You (4.5/5)

7. Drunk AF (3.5/5)

8. Late Night (Ft. Dende) (4/5)

9. Skit (N/A)

10. Alone (4.5/5)

11. 2 Special (Ft. David Fuller) (3.5/5)

12. Callin’ (Ft. Big K.R.I.T. & WESTSIDE BOOGIE) (4.5/5)

13. U Were Right I Was Wrong (4/5)

14. Magic Enterlewd (5/5)

15. Royal (Ft. DRAM & The Riverdale Love Choir) (3.5/5)

16. May 26th (Ft. Samhot) (4/5)




According to Deante’ Hitchcock, Once Upon A Time is about how he created his child (We’re talking about how he met his baby’s mother and everything in between). About 95% of the album boasts smooth R&B beats and lyrical content geared toward dating. While Deante’ and a few of his guests hit us with infectious melodies here and there, for the most part, he relies on his pure rap skills to carry him to the finish line of songs (This, in my opinion, is the best aspect about this album). All in all, Once Upon A Time feels refreshingly vintage, well-crafted, and most importantly, extremely genuine. Tons of people (Including myself) will relate to the project immensely.

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