An R&B tune that expresses feelings on love.

Piper-Grace is a multi-talented artist who started out the same way as many of us: As a listener and lover of music. The Southwest England native grew up listening to Rihanna and Nina Simone and was already singing by the time she was two. The singer’s unique sound gives listeners “soulful, sultry RnB” while “providing a personal and vulnerable outlook on the intricacies of young love.” Thanks to her life experiences, Grace’s “unique perspective is one that resonates with all young people navigating through life in the modern day.” Some of her previous work includes tracks like “Caught Up,” “My Head,” and “Higher.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Piper-Grace’s latest drop is the R&B single “Selfish.”

It’s not fast-paced enough to be hip-hop, but it’s not slow enough to be soul; this song finds itself right in the middle. “Selfish” is atmospheric and almost hypnotic in its dreamy qualities. Lyrics like “Baby I’ve been dreaming lucid / Don’t know what it means / I’m clueless / I just know I’m scared of losing you” and “I don’t wanna share you with nobody else / No, I just want your body on me closer than close / Every time you leave me / You know that I can’t cope” reminisce on becoming selfish when overwhelmed with the powerful emotions of love. As a result, that dreamy quality is lessened just a little when we realize the meaning behind it all. However, that just makes the song somehow better. So, press play on Piper-Grace’s new single to experience the “Selfish” side of romance.

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